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A Guide to Making Sense of the Digital Experience Measurement Ecosystem

There are three fundamental technologies that companies need to invest in to fully understand the experiences of their customers. 1. Digital Analytics 2. Session Replay 3. Voice of Customer   Digital Analytics Digital analytics was originally referred to as web analytics. As the ecosystem of online devices changed, so did the nomenclature, with esteemed industry […]
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The DNA of Auryc

Auryc combines digital interaction analytics, session replay, and voice-of-customer into a single, natively integrated, highly scalable solution. A lot of time, energy, and expertise went into its creation. In this article, we’ll talk about how Auryc, became Auryc! The Formative Years Auryc’s three co-founders met while working at Yahoo over a decade ago. At Yahoo, […]
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The Magic of Auryc – Part 1

Auryc surfaces digital experience issues like no other solution. Internally, every week we share examples of great tactical improvements that our clients are making. This is the first in a series of posts where we’ll share some of the unique discoveries that Auryc is uncovering for our clients.
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Uncover hidden revenue within your customer experience

By identifying every friction point on your website and mobile app, we'll help you exceed your customers' expectations.