The Magic of Auryc – Part 1

Auryc surfaces digital experience issues like no other solution. Internally, every week we share examples of great tactical improvements that our clients are making.   This is the first in a series of posts where we’ll share some of the unique discoveries that Auryc is uncovering for our clients.


The Disappearing Cart

A retail client received feedback from a customer stating, “It’s hard to shop without logging in. Cart keeps emptying.” 

Auryc’s session replay technology captured the issue clearly. The customer’s cart went from 1 item to no items in seconds.  This client uses the Net Promoter concept and a quick analysis showed that 20% of their “Detractors” were also experiencing this issue!

Being able to view this problem in Session Replay within the context of the customer feedback made replicating and resolving the issue a snap.  Fixing this one issue will have a significant impact on revenue and on our client’s NPS score. 


Bot Traffic and the Broken Sign-Up Page

One of our clients was concerned because other analytics tools they’d implemented were telling them that their site appeared to have a terrible bounce rate…over 92% of their visitors were viewing one page and leaving.  When they implemented Auryc, they immediately discovered that a significant percentage of those bounced visitors were actually bots.  Once they blocked their BOTs, their actual bounce rate dropped to a more reasonable 30%. 

This same company’s customers also used Auryc’s feedback tool to alert them that there was a problem with their account creation process.  Replay and Auryc’s analytics showed that customers were receiving a 404 error when they tried to create their account because an email with a bad link had gone out to customers.  Our savvy client was able to identify and resolve the issue in no time.

Auryc captures and indexes more data than other analytics tools.  You’ll never have an analytics “blind spot” again if you collect all the data, as Auryc does.


New Site Launch Results in Falling Conversion Rates
+ Another Disappearing Cart

Another retail client launched a new site. Their tech, marketing, and product team were on the lookout for new issues and Auryc was able to show them an alarming 10% drop in the final step of their conversion process compared to the old site.  A quick analysis of the data combined with viewing a few replays showed that 50% of all purchasers were receiving an error message notifying them that load and connectivity issues were preventing them from completing the transaction.  This lasted over 2 hours and valuable lessons were learned about cache management for the next major release.

In addition, Auryc also identified another issue for this same client.  When customers were clicking the button to complete their transaction, their shopping cart was emptying. None of their other analytic tools were able to show them this issue. Our client’s team sprung into action and resolved this issue as soon as possible. Despite their best efforts, this issue impacted approximately $50,000 worth of sales, and would have been much worse had it not been for Auryc and the quick actions of our client. 

This disappearing shopping cart issue seems to be a challenge for other analytics companies to capture.  Imagine getting a customer all the way down the funnel to the point that they are ready to buy, only to inadvertently delete the items in their cart before their purchase is complete. 


Pop-up In the Check-Out Process Causing Frustration

A travel industry client was partnering with a third party company to offer alternative payment terms.  When they would select this option, a pop-up would appear from the third party that was causing tremendous customer frustration because primarily because of usability challenges.  Auryc’s data was instrumental in enabling our client to request changes from their payment partner, and when the new modal launched, conversions increased by 15%.

In this case, with our clients help we were able to get our code on the third party payment partners pop-up, and were able to helped them to understand how to make changes that resulted in happier, more satisfied clients and increased conversions.


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