Case Study: AMResorts® Finds Its Place In the Sun with Auryc


AMResorts® (AMR) is North America’s fastest growing luxury leisure resort company. It is part of the brand portfolio for Apple Leisure Group, North America’s only vertically- integrated travel, hospitality, and leisure management group. AMR provides sales, marketing and brand management services to its collection of resorts, which offer high- quality Endless Privileges®, Unlimited-Luxury® and Unlimited- Fun® vacations to the luxury leisure market.


The Challenge

AMResorts was interested in unifying digital analytics, session replay, and voice of customer across the digital enterprise in order to improve bookings, conversions, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

The digital experience across all resort brand websites needed to better align with the worldclass reputation and luxurious on-property experience guests receive. In other words, AMResorts was seeking to achieve technical excellence, intuitive usability, real-time availability and pricing, all while providing a superior and seamless online booking experience.


The Solution

AMResorts employed a rigorous evaluation process to understand the capabilities of prospective analytics, replay, and voice of customer (VOC) vendors.

As our client explains,

“We were particularly interested in tying together feedback from our customers, real-time session replay, and our website analytics so we could gain a full 360-degree view of the digital customer experience. After careful consideration, we decided that Auryc was the perfect solution for us to be able to achieve this.”

Rob Giannone, Digital Analytics Manager, AMResorts

Auryc is unique because, with a single piece of JavaScript code (or an SDK for apps), it captures and automatically indexes every single customer interaction.

“Auryc captures the ‘DOM’ (the Document Object Model), which goes well beyond the data capture capabilities of other analytics solutions that we evaluated. What that means, is that we now have zero digital blind spots…we have access to all the data.”


Realized Areas of Opportunity with Auryc:

Session Replay: AMResorts identified a usability issue with the calendar widget on the booking engine, where guests can “check availability” for an upcoming vacation. The existing design was creating confusion and frustration with their customers – which was identified via session replay aggregation. The issue was impacting over 2,500 high intent, daily users and having a significant negative impact on bookings and revenue by way of session/cart abandonment.

Impact: $5.5M of estimated lost revenue, annually.

Solution: By implementing minor UX enhancements our client was able to win-back 10% of abandoned sessions, realizing $540K in annual savings.

Session Replay: AMResorts identified a specific issue in the online checkout funnel of a newly adopted booking engine platform. A high percentage of users were abandoning the checkout process on the last step before completing their booking. By looking at Auryc replays of sessions that exemplified this behavior, a discovery was made that a blank-pop up module was preventing guests from completing their purchase.

Solution: By removing this pop-up error, AMResorts saw a 95% reduction in session abandonment at this pre- conversion checkout step.

Impact: $10K of estimated lost revenue, daily.


The Results

Our client immediately began to see the benefits of Auryc’s total data collection.

“Within a day of going live, we were uncovering page load issues and site error messages that went unseen by our other analytics tools. Then, the customer feedback started to roll in via the on-site surveys we deployed. And immediately, a massive library of session replays were being archived and made available for us to dive into.”


Additional Identified Areas of Opportunity with Auryc:

Analytics: 11% of all website users were encountering a JavaScript error, all of which were accurately identified by Auryc. Using the analytics tool, each error was traced back to the first time it had occurred, and also weighted so our client could prioritize the queue of new site fixes.

Analytics: 7% of all “check availability” searches lacked inventory coverage (meaning rooms were actually available to book, but not appearing in the search results).

Analytics: 9% of pages on the site that were taking over 3 seconds to load.


Potential Impact: $25M of estimated lost revenue, annually.


A final thought from Rob,

“We have a much more complete picture across the entire digital customer experience now than we did before adoptng Auryc. Our existing analytics technology stack does a great job of providing reactive results – understanding ‘what’ is happening. The combination of functionality in the Auryc tool, used in tandem with our existing platforms, truly gives our team visibility at a much deeper level – understanding ‘why’ certain outcomes are taking place.”