Why Do Companies Choose Auryc?

In Q2, Auryc continued to acquire top-tier clients like Cole Haan and Jockey.  In this blog post, we thought we’d share some of the specific reasons Auryc was chosen by some of these companies over competing solutions.  

First a quick primer on Auryc’s capabilities:  Auryc’s mission is to become the system of record for every digital customer interaction.  Why a system of record? Because with incomplete data, insights are also incomplete, forcing companies to rely on educated guesses and conjecture about why customers are behaving the way they are.  Auryc captures all the data, all the time, at scale, and answers the why behind customer behavior.

We built three technologies to harness all of that data.  

  1. A 100% data capture behavioral analytics engine
  2. Session Replay, so you can watch how visitors are interacting with your site
  3. A voice of customer solution (surveys), so you can take the customers perspective about the experiences they are having.

Auryc changes the game of understanding and managing the customer experience.  We capture the entire digital journey at scale, uncover the context of that journey, and enable better, more satisfying experiences for our clients and their customers.

Now, on to the purchase decisions:


Cole Haan

Cole Haan is the 91 year old global men’s and women’s footwear and accessories company with a significant presence online and stores around the world. Delivering great customer experiences has always been a fundamental part of the Cole Haan philosophy.  They were preparing to launch a new site and for the last year had been working with another company for funnel analytics and replay technology. They became frustrated because they realized that they were going to be charged to re-tag important events by their previous vendor. 

A new site launch introduces so many unknowns, they didn’t want to have any blind spots in their digital analytics, and they wanted to be able to quickly identify and size any issues that were occurring as part of the launch, all while retaining the same funnel and cart analysis capabilities as their previous vendor.  In addition, Auryc was able to show them the most and least profitable paths, which was an unexpected bonus for them compared to their prior vendor.  

They chose Auryc because of our ability to collect and automatically index and categorize 100% of the data.

With the site launch successfully in the rearview mirror, Auryc continues to provide valuable daily insights into issues that were previously invisible.  



Jockey International is a manufacturer, retailer, and distributor of men’s, women’s, and children’s  underwear, sleepwear, and sportswear. Jockey is laser focused on driving better experiences for their customers.  They were looking for an analytics + replay + voice of customer solution that could integrate with Google Optimize for A/B testing.  Being able to watch replays for specific A/B tests to better understand performance and optimization strategies was critical for them.  

They also replaced their post-purchase survey with Auryc’s to have full context around the customer’s rating and including replay and the broader digital customer journey.  

Each client that comes to Auryc is unique, and has their own specific pain points that need addressed.


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