The DNA of Auryc

Auryc combines digital interaction analytics, session replay, and voice-of-customer into a single, natively integrated, highly scalable solution. A lot of time, energy, and expertise went into its creation. In this article, we’ll talk about how Auryc, became Auryc!


The Formative Years

Auryc’s three co-founders met while working at Yahoo over a decade ago. At Yahoo, the team was tasked with personalization in the form of serving more relevant content to its visitors.

Personalization requires an understanding of the user based on their past interactions, and also an understanding of that same user’s behavior during the current session. In other words, the team needed context, and the only way to gain context was by gathering and indexing massive amounts of behavioral and attitudinal data.

When they started on this project, it would often take days to access the data that was needed if it could be accessed at all (because there were no pre-built solutions that could handle many of their specific data needs). Getting the right data at the right time was a significant pain point. Fortunately, Yahoo was unique at the time because they had enough engineers and programmers to work through most technical challenges, so the team was able to successfully build custom systems that would provide the data needed for rapid personalization (within 25 milliseconds) at scale.

While at Yahoo, Auryc’s founders discovered that they worked well together and they built a level of trust with each other. Later, at Answers Corporation (which was sold to Apax Partners in 2014), Auryc founders were tasked with the development and operation of answers.com, a top 20 US site based on monthly unique visitors.

There they faced similar challenges of personalization and contextual understanding of customers, but without the vast development resources of Yahoo. They dealt with the challenges of managing a data warehouse at scale, and the challenges and costs of relying on multiple vendors and multiple integrations to create a 360 degree view of the customer. They were able to replicate the successes they had at Yahoo, but with a few key takeaways:

Working with multiple vendors can be costly. Integrations are costly and often challenging. Managing large amounts of data is not for the faint of heart.


Auryc Is Born

In the run-up to founding Auryc, the co-founders began to ask a few intriguing questions:

  1. What if there were a different way to capture all the interactions on a site without tagging the specific events?
  2. What if there were a way to automatically capture all digital data, at scale, all of the time, without being limited by sampling?
  3. What if we could combine digital analytics, session replay, and voice of customer data into a single, natively integrated solution?

The result of those questions became Auryc.

As clients started signing up, the use cases were often surprising. “We built Auryc for the specific use cases that we experienced in our careers, but our clients starting developing their own unexpected use cases, like fighting chargeback fraud.”, said founding CEO, Jinlin Wang, “This is the power of having all the data at your fingertips…it really makes anything possible. We’re always excited to hear about the new ways our clients are using Auryc.”


Into the Future

Auryc was created to solve the unique, real world challenges, that were encountered by its three founders across their varied careers. “The belief was that if we faced these challenges, then others must be facing them as well.” That turned out to be true and then some! Auryc’s vision continues to resonate with companies around the globe:

Better customer experiences drives better business outcomes. Measuring and managing those experiences is business critical. When you have all the data, you eliminate blind spots, make better business decisions, enhance the investments already made in digital, and open up new possibilities for delivering better customer experiences.


Why is it called “Auryc”?

One question we get asked frequently is, “Where did the name “Auryc” come from?

A quick glance at the periodic table of elements will give you a hint of the origins of the Auryc name. The symbol for gold is AU. (Fun fact: AU was chosen for the Periodic Table because of the Latin word for gold, which is aurum. Aurum also means “shining dawn” in Latin.)

Why gold? “Because when you have all the data, you have the gold!”


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