Why CX Initiatives Fail & Why You Need A CX Mission Control Center


Why CX Initiatives Fail & Why You Need A CX Mission Control Center


Introducing Auryc's Executive Insights Dashboard: Your CX Mission Control Center

Introducing Auryc's NEW Executive Insights Dashboard! This new dashboard summarizes the Key Metrics that measure the health of your site or mobile app from various angles, including:

Auryc Named to Tracxn’s Top Vertical Business Intelligence 2021 List of Most Promising Startups

Story originally appeared on Yahoo Finance.

Auryc Melts Silos Between CX & Company Data with Snowflake Integration

Customer Data, ERP data, performance data, offline data, analytics data, campaign data, financial data… the list goes on and on when it comes to the types and amounts of data that today’s companies

Solve Customer Frustrations Faster with Auryc’s Instant CX Alerts in Slack

Get alerted instantly of customer frustrations on your site or app to reduce the time to respond and solve customer experience issues with Auryc CX Alerts now available in Slack.

Understand the Financial Impact of Customer Feedback with Auryc’s Integration with Qualtrics

Customer feedback is essential for any modern business. Customers demand better online experiences and when they don’t get it, the results can become disastrous for any brand - ranging from just a

Auryc Named Customer Journey Analytics Leader in G2 Summer 2021 Report

At Auryc, we’re obsessed with customers and how we can help companies deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. In the first half of 2021, we continued our work to build the best Customer