How Auryc Complements Behavioral Analytics Solutions

Auryc acts as a system of record for digital properties, automatically capturing and indexing every digital customer interaction, and uses three technologies to harness the data:

  1. An Interaction Analytics engine, for slicing and dicing of the experience.  
  2. Session Replay, for watching what customers are experiencing.
  3. Voice of Customer, for getting the customer’s perspective on the experiences they are having.

This begs the question:  If you are capturing all the data, and can analyze all of the data with Interaction Analytics, why continue to use legacy behavioral analytics solutions?  Let’s explore.


Interaction Analytics vs. Behavioral Analytics

The answer to the question can be found by looking at the difference between Auryc’s “Interaction Analytics”, vs. traditional behavioral analytics.  

Behavioral analytic solutions were purposefully designed from the ground up to limit the granularity of data being collected so that data can be analyzed over large amounts of time.  Most behavioral analytics practitioners will look at data month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year. Tracking data over time is a key part of the value proposition of behavioral analytics.

Interaction analytics are designed from the ground up to capture everything happening on a site.  Rather than aiming focus on trends over time, interaction analytics provides data that is extremely granular and designed to help you understand why things are happening, and why customers are behaving the way they are.  

As a very simple example, behavioral analytics will tell you that your conversion rate has dropped.  Interaction analytics from Auryc will automatically identify “rage clicks” in the conversion funnel, uncovering a site performance or usability issue.

Another example:  Behavioral analytics will enable you to do funnel analysis to better understand conversion drop-off as long as you’ve tagged every possible path.  Interaction analytics will enable you to automatically identify all paths that result in a conversion so you can perform funnel analysis where you didn’t even know that funnels existed.


Filling the Gaps

Because all customer interactions are automatically captured and indexed, interaction analytics fills the gaps caused by the limited data capture capabilities of legacy behavioral analytic providers. Gone are the days of needing to anticipate every possible scenario so you can tag it and track it. And since you no longer need to anticipate tagging every possible scenario with your legacy analytics solution, you’ll also never need to wait for IT to re-instrument your analytics code to track new pages/event. It’s always there, at your fingertips.

By combining both solutions you have the best of both worlds. A solution that enables long term trending which is often deeply embedded into how a marketing team quantifies success, and a solution that eliminates all analytic blind spots and is able to answer the “why” behind what is happening.


Enhancing the Investment Already Made

Most large organizations have invested heavily in behavioral analytic solutions, to the point where they are deeply ingrained into the way business is done.  Auryc has bi-directional integrations with most behavioral analytic providers. In fact, Auryc can automatically absorb the underlying data layer where all events have been defined in an analytics tool (Adobe Analytics for example) enabling all the naming conventions in Auryc to mirror the naming conventions that already exist in the analytics tool. (Auryc can do this without any actions needed on the client side.) This makes it quicker to get-up to speed with Auryc, and more intuitive for users of both solutions.  


Session Replay vs. Behavioral Analytics

It’s also worth considering the difference between behavioral analytics and session replay technologies.  

Session Replay is complementary to both behavioral analytics and interaction analytics.  Again, rather than being focused on long time periods, Session Replay enables users to watch how individual visitors are interacting with a digital experience at a point in time. All Session Replay technologies should also enable Heatmaps.  Heatmaps aggregate the behaviors of groups of visitors so you can visually discern issues that are impacting more people.  

Session Replay accomplishes three things for companies:  

  1. It speeds up the identification of site issues. Seeing a customer struggle to complete a transaction is very different from seeing data showing a visitor abandoned their session.
  2. It speeds up the acceptance of those issues.  Showing what is happening to a customer is much more compelling to site leaders than sharing data that describes a site abandonment issue…and just because your analytics says there is a problem doesn’t always mean that others in your company will accept that as anything other than user error.  
  3. It speeds up the resolution of site issues.  Once you can see what the issue is, and quantify why it’s happening, coming up with a resolution is painless. 

For example, your behavioral analytics may show that the bounce rate is very high on a specific page. Interaction analytics will will reveal every action happening on that page, where you’ll notice that a pop-up is being triggered on that page, enabling you to skip right to the suspected issue.  Once you hop into session replay and see that there is a pop-up that has been added to that page that obviously annoys users, the problem is immediately clear.  

Integrating session replay with behavioral analytics can help to make sure that you are cutting directly to the sessions that are most meaningful to the business.  Even better, integrating session replay with interaction analytics provides the granular detail to make sure that you are spending less time watching replays, and more time understanding why customers are behaving the way they are.  

In summary, behavioral analytics has proven to be invaluable to businesses who want to better understand their customers.  Interaction analytics and session replay are complementary technologies that eliminate analytic blind spots and accelerate improvements which improve satisfaction and drive business performance. 


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