Identifying the meaningful sessions with Auryc’s Session Replay

Have you ever heard of the corporate UX concept known as “Friday Night Movie Night”?

This is where employees gather around a screen at the end of the day on Friday to watch replays of how customers have interacted with their websites.  Leaders will distribute popcorn, soda, candy, and even create games centered around identifying whenever a customer struggles to interact with their site.



The motivation for these movie nights comes from a great place.  They are trying to make the experiences better for their customers, and they are leveraging replay technology + a little bit of fun to make that happen all while rallying around the customer in an effort to deliver better customer experiences.  


But it does beg the question, “Do your hard working employees really want to spend their Friday nights watching sessions to identify site usability/performance issues?”  


Several companies have implemented Friday night movie night in an effort to hack the biggest challenge with replay technology, which is that it can take a significant amount of time to identify relevant user experience challenges…and somebody needs to go through all those sessions to gain meaningful insights.  It doesn’t have to be this way.


Integrating Voice of Customer Data with Session Replay

Integrating session replay technology with voice of customer/survey data is an absolute no-brainer.  If a customer fills out a survey and tells you about a problem, they often don’t provide enough detail to know exactly what the problem is.  Or sometimes the feedback is very specific, but the web development team can’t reproduce the error, which means a fix is nowhere in sight.

Auryc offers a fully customizable survey tool which natively integrates with Session Replay out of the box.  


If you can easily watch a replay of a visitor session within the context of the feedback, then you quickly identify meaningful sessions and replay will provide the context that feedback simply doesn’t.


Replay + Feedback speeds up the identification of customer issues, it speeds up the acceptance of those issues, and it speeds up the resolution of those issues.


Integrating Session Replay with Auryc’s Behavioral Analytics

When we created Auryc, we wanted to make it easy to find the most important interactions and the most meaningful sessions. Because Auryc automatically indexes and categorizes every digital interaction, finding any use case of interest now takes seconds instead of minutes and hours.

There are three benefits to integrating replay technology with Auryc’s robust behavioral analytics.  

  1. Auryc’s analytics provides dramatically enhanced filtering when compared to what most replay technologies offer on their own. Because Auryc acts as a system of record, what was previously invisible is now easily searchable.
  2. Integrating replay with analytics enables “sizing” of the issue if there is a problem.  For example, when did the problem start, and how many people has it impacted each day/month/year? Sizing an issue is key to determining the urgency of a problem.  (In other words, whether something needs to be put into a queue to be fixed, or whether it needs to be put into the front of the queue to be fixed.)
  3. A true integration with analytics should also enable you to skip ahead to any point in the session based on the behaviors you are trying to observe.  In other words, you don’t need to watch the entire session when you know the specific behavior you’d like to observe is indexed and catalogued as part of every session recording.

One of our clients had a very specific use case that showcases the power of integrating behavioral analytics with session replay and with surveys.  

They received feedback from a customer stating, “Your drop-down menu is blank.”. The feedback was immediately forwarded to the site development team who had not encountered this issue before.  With a click of a button, they were able to immediately see what the customer experienced, and knew this was a problem that needed to be addressed.  But how urgent was the problem?


With a few more clicks, in just a couple minutes they were able to isolate the very first time this issue ever occurred, and how many people the issue was impacting each month.  (It was impacting over 50,000 visitors each month!)


With this information in hand, the web development team moved this site issue to the front of their queue of fixes to be applied to the site and resolved it as quickly as possible, saving the company millions in lost sales.


If you are evaluating session replay technologies, here are some key questions to ask:


  1. Do you capture 100% of the sessions, or do you take a sampling approach? Most replay solutions will capture only a sample of all sessions.  Auryc is one of the few that can capture 100% of sessions at scale.  
  2. Do you integrate natively with behavioral analytics? If not, do you offer third-party integrations?  How successful are those integrations? Auryc’s analytic capabilities are unique because we automatically capture, index, and categorize every single client interaction contained within the DOM (Document Object Model), and because we integrate all of that data natively with Session Replay. No third-party integrations are required. (Although we will also integrate with your preferred analytics provider as well if desired!)
  3. Do you integrate natively with a Voice of Customer solution, or do you offer third-party integrations?  How successful are those integrations? Auryc offers a fully customizable survey that is natively integrated with Session Replay (and with Auryc’s behavioral analytics data too).  Auryc also successfully integrates with best in the class voice of customer solutions should you prefer to use them instead of, or in addition to Auryc’s survey platform.
  4. What impact does Session Replay have on site performance?  Auryc was designed from the start to have zero perceivable impact on site performance.  All data collected is gathered asynchronously and this claim has been vetted by third-party testing companies.
  5. How long will you retain the data?  Some Auryc clients need to retain data for multiple years, others only require a month’s worth.  We’ll work together to find a solution that’s right for you.
  6. How do I find meaningful sessions?  That’s what this blog post is about!  Take advantage of integrating replay with VoC and behavioral data to find meaningful sessions.
  7. Can Session Replay be used as an auditing tool?  It can if you are capturing 100% of the sessions, and if your filtering capabilities are sophisticated enough to be able to isolate a single session based on any particular behavior you need to audit. (Auryc is routinely used as an auditing tool because of these best-in-class capabilities.)
  8. Can you filter sessions based VoC data, and/or based on analytics data?  With Auryc you can because all of the data is integrated natively.
  9. Will Session Replay work with our unique technology? (For example, Angular.js or a REACT site?) Does it work out of the box, will it require tuning, and will it require additional code?  This is important.  Will the replay technology work with your unique site architecture?  (Auryc works with just about everything!)
  10. Can Session Replay track sessions of a single visitor across multiple visits?  Across multiple devices? Out of the box, Auryc will track single users across sessions and even across devices.

Stop subjecting your employees to Friday Night Movie Night. Start cutting through the clutter of millions of sessions by capturing everything, and then by integrating session replay with behavioral and attitudinal data.


Seeing is believing.

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