The Power of Everything — How capturing 100% of a digital experience opens worlds of new possibilities.

About 15 years ago, a revolution happened in the web analytics industry. Companies transitioned from gathering and analyzing server log files, to using page tags to track pages, events, and more. While log files had some benefits, requiring access to the server logs was sometimes a challenge, and crunching all those log files posed processing challenges for high traffic sites. With that change, a multi-billion-dollar industry was born and the industry continues to grow and evolve.

Three years ago, the founders of Auryc began to ask a series of interesting questions:


What if there were a way to track digital interactions that didn’t require the tagging of pages or events?

What if, with a single piece of code, you could track and automatically index and categorize every digital customer interaction?


The answer to those questions resulted in what we now call Auryc.


How does it work?

Auryc’s JavaScript captures the Document Object Model (the “DOM”). The DOM provides a way to represent a webpage in a structured, hierarchical way which makes it easier for programmers and users to interact with the site. More importantly, contained within the DOM is every interaction, error, mouse movement, click, swipe, page, event, and more. The trick is figuring out how to organize and categorize all the information, and to do so at scale which Auryc does automatically.


No more tags

Marketing and analytics professionals know that one of the most challenging issues with relying on page tags is what happens if you need to analyze something that you didn’t have the foresight to tag. What happens is you need to re-instrument the code to track the additional pages or events and then wait for that data to be collected.

If instead you rely on a single piece of JavaScript code to capture and automatically index 100% of the data contained within the DOM, you’ll never need to tag another page, you’ll never need to wait for your developers to add the code to the site, and therefore you won’t need to wait for those urgent insights because you already have all of the data.


Full visibility

Once you have all of that data neatly indexed and categorized, you need an analytics engine that can give you quick and intuitive access to the information you want in real time.


· Do you want to track a single visitor’s digital journey across multiple visits, and even across devices? Auryc does this automatically.

· Do you want a breakdown from most to least of which products in which sizes are receiving out-of-stock error messages before even being put into the cart? You have all the data, just go get it.

· Why did calls to your contact center drop significantly at 4:15 pm on Tuesday? How will you know that someone accidentally (or worse, purposefully) added incorrect phone numbers to your site if you aren’t capturing everything? (This is a real use case from one of our clients.)


Auryc’s analytics engine can facilitate analysis based on sessions, events, trends, paths, funnels, and VoC data.


Session Replay

Since we capture the DOM, we also create replays of every customer session. Session Replay is like having a window to observe how customers are interacting with your site. Session Replay speeds up the identification of customer issues, it speeds up the acceptance of issues, and it speeds up the resolution of those issues.

Tying the sessions to analytics enables you to identify when the issue first occurred, and how many people are being impacted by it. That information enables you to size the issue and determine how font-family: lato”urgent the fix needs to be.


Voice of Customer

No discussion of capturing the visitor experience would be complete without also taking the customer’s perspective on the experiences they are having. It’s also a no-brainer to give your customers a mechanism to raise their hand and give you feedback whenever they want. That’s why Auryc also enables fully customizable and branded surveys that can be launched with a click of a button.

Customers aren’t always clear about their issues, so seeing what they experienced with Session Replay is an easy way to get clarity, while tying all of that data to analytics provides an unprecedented view of the customer experience.


The Power of Everything

When you capture all of the data, when you harness that data with a powerful analytics engine, with session replay technology, and when you combine all of that with the voice of the customer, it opens new worlds of analytic possibilities.


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