Solve Customer Frustrations Faster with Auryc’s Instant CX Alerts in Slack



Get alerted instantly of customer frustrations on your site or app to reduce the time to respond and solve customer experience issues with Auryc CX Alerts now available in Slack.

For today’s teams focusing on Customer Experience, the communication lines you have open WITHIN your organization are just as important as those you have with your customers. Customer Experience has become a company-wide priority for many companies, like Cole Haan, Nike, Carparts.com, Airbnb, and so many more. And that commitment shows - not just in how they treat their customers, but how they communicate internally on Customer Experience issues, be it a lost order, a site “glitch”, or an out of stock item. Being able to quickly identify, address, and solve customer frustrations makes all the difference to the customer.

…and often that speed relies on multiple people in the process within a company.


The Need for Speed (and why you need more than email)

While email has always been the “go-to” channel for messaging, modern companies are using chat and other internal communication tools to receive alerts, route issues, collaborate, and even solve bugs. Problems often arise very quickly as companies grow both in employee count and in breadth of product offerings:

Common obstacles to better team communication around the customer experience:
  • Timeliness: Often alerts happen “too late” to truly help a customer.
  • Disconnect: The systems of record often are disconnected from communications channels.
  • Separation: Different teams use different chat/messaging tools.
  • Confusion: Multiple alerts may hit multiple people, causing confusion and slow response times.


While email may have “cut it” before, customers demand instant help. Even without always “saying it” in chat, their online actions or a feedback submission AFTER they have experienced some glitch will reveal their level of negativity that may be brewing. 

In every case, time is the MOST important factor when dealing with customer frustration…otherwise, the negativity brews deeper and could have more destructive consequences. 



Auryc + Slack = Lightning Fast Alerts & Shorter Paths to Happier Customers

The speed at which you can communicate and collaborate make the difference between a loyal customer who continues to do business with you and a churned customer who, at a minimum, stops giving you time and money…and may actually cause more harm to your brand through social media and word of mouth.


How Does The Auryc <> Slack Integration work?

Real-Time Alerts from Auryc Right into Slack

Reduce the time from frustration to satisfaction in the customer experience with faster alerts, easier access to the cause of the frustration, and simpler visualization of the customer’s own experience through session replay…all available from Auryc’s Experience Alerts coming straight into slack.


Auryc-integrates-with-slack -with-instant-customer-experience-alerts


When Auryc detects negative feedback/customer frustration, it triggered an automated workflow that first checks the feedback to meet customer criteria. If it meets these prescribed criteria, a Slack alert (with access to the actual feedback/issue and the session replay) gets routed to a pre-defined slack channel or person...all in a matter of seconds. From there, support, engineer, or other person receives an alert in real-time of the frustration and immediately gains clarity into the issue by watching the session replay and helping the customer faster.


The Auryc CX alert sent to Slack makes the feedback/issue and a session replay instantly accessible, ending the need to hunt through data and replays.

Customer satisfaction returns to healthy levels because of the speed and the clarity gained from the alert sent to Slack.


An example of how the Auryc <> Slack Integration works:
Auryc-integrates-with-slack -with-instant-customer-experience-alerts-1Jessica has an unpleasant experience on your site regarding a buggy variant modal which causes her to get frustrated while trying to pick a fresh pair of shoes. She tries and tries again, but cannot place her order.

During her experience on the site, she encounters an Auryc customer feedback survey where she voices her frustrations. 


Auryc-integrates-with-slack -with-instant-customer-experience-alerts-2


Based on the sentiment within the feedback Jessica submitted, the company’s custom alert criteria identify this issue immediately needing support, while also identifying it as a technical and potentially merchandising issue and immediately sending an alert to a pre-identified team channel via Slack so that it's quickly addressed.



Auryc-integrates-with-slack -with-instant-customer-experience-alerts-3



From the alert, the support specialist sees the alert and reads the feedback coupled with a video of the session replay. Additionally, a merchandiser and engineer are immediately alerted to the “glitch” for deeper investigation while the support specialist is reaching out to the customer. With the clarity gained from the session recording, the support specialist helped the customer order the product variant they wanted quickly and easily.


Auryc-integrates-with-slack -with-instant-customer-experience-alerts-4Jessica was happy that she could get the variant she wanted. And because the support specialist could reach out to her quickly and with full context, Jessica didn’t have enough time to buy her shoes somewhere else… and Jessica’s brand perception of the company remained positive. PLUS, with these alerts, the merchandiser and engineer could identify what caused the issue, see it happened with a high frequency and prioritize the fix so that it would not happen any longer.

Who Does the Auryc + Slack Integration Help?

Any online company that prioritizes their customers and their overall satisfaction will benefit from the Auryc integration with Slack, including ecommerce, SaaS, travel, insurance, Fintech, Proptech, and services, just to name a few.


Multiple teams benefit from Auryc’s integration with Slack:

Customer Support Teams use Auryc and Slack to receive instant alerts about negative feedback and customer frustrations on a site or app.


Product Teams use Auryc and Slack to have an always-alert about issues and bugs that are happening on the site, with alert criteria that keep the noise to a minimum. Revenue/Ecommerce Teams use Auryc and Slack to get instant alerts about sessions with frustrations that did not result in a checkout/sale.


Ready to shrink the time from frustration to satisfaction?

Whether your team uses Slack, email, or another communications tool, it's time you get more insights into your customer experience. Check out how Auryc can help you gain insights into the performance and financial impact of the frustrations within your customer experience (and how you can identify and prioritize these frustrations faster).


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