Understand the Financial Impact of Customer Feedback with Auryc’s Integration with Qualtrics

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Customer feedback is essential for any modern business. Customers demand better online experiences and when they don’t get it, the results can become disastrous for any brand - ranging from just a loss in a single customer to overall eroding brand loyalty to declining conversions and then to significant revenue loss. 

The problem companies face when receiving negative customer feedback is how to efficiently know how severe an issue is both from a frequency of occurrence and from a financial perspective in order to prioritize and allocate development resources. Data blind spots and manual sifting and combining support tickets and errors logs handicap this process.


Auryc + Qualtrics = Customer Experience Gold


Auryc Review - Qualtrics Integration - Sean Aryai - Qualtrics Integration Key Value


Thanks to the integration between Auryc and Qualtrics, assessing issue impact is a breeze by coupling Qualtrics’ customer feedback capabilities (including NPS, CSAT, and Customer Feedback modules) with Auryc’s Session Replay, Analytics, and Lost Opportunity Reports. 


Value and Prioritize Customer Experience issues with speed and ease with Auryc and Qualtrics.


How does it work?


Auryc Customer Experience Platform Integrates with Quatrics Customer Feedback - how it worksWe'll look at this image closer in the example below.


Once you capture your customer feedback with Qualtrics, take the next steps to assess the severity and frequency of the issue with insights provided by Auryc to avoid costly issues that have a significant impact on conversions and revenue. With Auryc’s Session Replays, Full Session Analytics, Lost Opportunity Reports, and other Predictive Reports, teams save time, effort, and lost revenue by quickly identifying, reproducing, valuing, and prioritizing customer experience issues on their site or mobile app.

A sample scenario of Auryc's integration with Qualtrics:

Michael has recently had a bad experience during checkout on your site and provided some details through the embedded Qualtrics Customer Feedback module. You are alerted to the negative feedback and begin investigating so you can help Michael because your support team rocks and cares about your customers. You look at his feedback in Qualtrics and then instantly have access to a full session recording from Auryc that shows you exactly what the customer experienced that led to the frustration. Not only can you help Michael, you help him quickly and understand what he really went through.


Frame 1798-1


RESULT: A Happy Customer thanks to your support team using Qualtrics and Auryc...

but there's more...

Normally, once you help Michael, you would want to understand more about this type of issue (ie, Is it a trend? Does it keep happening?...and more). For the majority of companies today, this exercise consumes many hours and resources, often through manual processes to assess the severity of the issue (ie, does it affect a lot of customers and, more importantly, what impact could it be having on our conversion rate and subsequent sales?). Qualtrics provides the initial valuable information to you and your team that you need to identify an issue. However, you will want to take it further...

Frame 1798-3


Your product, operations, and ecommerce/revenue teams would want to look at all feedback mentioning “checkout issues” and try to estimate how bad of a problem Michael’s issue could represent from your full audience. Thanks to Qualtrics, you have that feedback that kicks the whole process off. However...


The roadblocks start surfacing while trying to formulate an accurate assessment: 

  1. Not everyone reports issues, so your sample data set would be incomplete because it would only include people who left feedback, 
  2. It would be difficult or just very time consuming to reproduce exactly the issue Michael had because you don’t have the session context to see how he got there and see exactly what Michael experienced, 
  3. With the above handicaps, you couldn’t truly forecast the impact of the problem, both from a conversion standpoint, and, for the executives out there, the impact on sales.


Enter Auryc...

Get the Answers You Need to Solve Your Customer Experience Frictions with Auryc


Auryc Review - Qualtrics Integration - Sean Aryai - Session Replay and Analytics Gives New Insights to Take Action


Coupling Qualtrics Feedback with Auryc’s Analytics and Session Replay removes the blind spots from your data. Auryc’s no-code Customer Engagement Intelligence engine surfaces similar issues across every customer’s experience automatically even if they don’t leave a review so you can truly understand the severity of the issue for prioritization. You also gain granular depth into the real onsite or mobile app experience your customers have thanks to integrated session replays.

You won't need to watch hundreds or thousands of session replays... you have the ability to quickly start with the impact of the site error or customer frustration across all of your sessions, and then drill into a few session replays to understand why the friction truly happened.


Answer the questions most relevant to you and your team as issues and bugs get reported:


Can I gain more information on how the issue happened?

Frame 1798-Jul-08-2021-06-41-41-70-PM-1Marry the direct feedback from the customer with session replays, full user journey, sentiment analysis, and advanced error reporting to gain the full context of the issue the customer is having.


Access Auryc Session Replay recordings directly linked to each Customer Feedback entry in Qualtrics and actually see the issue as it happened. No need to search through logs or rekey search queries. 

How many people is the issue affecting?

Frame 1798-4


With Auryc’s reporting and machine learning, you will understand if this was a 1-time occurrence or if it has significantly impacted a large number of customers, even if they didn't leave any feedback. Auryc’s no-code full-session analytics logs every event, error, behavior, click, form fill, and more automatically for you. No need to manually tag/code an event on your site. You can dynamically segment across any event in Auryc and instantly see how many times that event occurred across how many sessions and more.

What is the financial impact of the issue?


Frame 1798-3-1With Auryc’s Lost Opportunity Reports, understand how much revenue the reported issue has

A large component of assessing the severity of an issue is the performance and financial impact the issue has on your sales. Auryc’s full-capture analytics gathers cart and checkout values to assess the value of every click, asset, and error on your site and app to make prioritization a matter of just a few clicks.


Who Does the Auryc + Qualtrics Integration Help?

Any online company that prioritizes their customers and their overall satisfaction will benefit from the Auryc integration with Qualtrics, including ecommerce, SaaS, travel, insurance, Fintech, Proptech, and services, just to name a few.


Multiple teams benefit from Auryc’s integration with Qualtrics:

Customer Support Teams use Auryc and Qualtrics to easily and quickly identify negative feedback and see the full context of what led to the negative scores with Session Replay and detailed session analytics. 


Product Teams use Auryc and Qualtrics to gauge the severity of an issue or bug and prioritize resources and their backlog to minimize risk and damages that affect long term loyalty and retention. In addition, Product Teams can harness advanced reports and heat maps in Auryc to gauge rage clicks, site errors, journey paths, and so much more so they can continually improve their customer’s experience and stay ahead of the competition.


Revenue/Ecommerce Teams use Auryc and Qualtrics to also gauge the priority of an issue through the lens of the impact on conversion rates and revenue loss. In addition, Revenue/Ecommerce Teams can retroactively look at performance, errors, funnels, and so much more thanks to Auryc’s no-code approach to analytics that eliminates the need to manually code events and listeners for every item on a page.


Ready to gain greater insights into your customer feedback?

Whether you are a current Qualtrics user or not, it's time you get more insights into your customer experience. Check out how Auryc can help you gain insights into the performance and financial impact of the frustrations within your customer experience. Get a Demo Today >>.