A New Start for Auryc: Joining Heap to Transform the Online Experience!

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A New Start for Auryc: Joining Heap to Transform the Online Experience!

From the start, Auryc’s mission has been to help customers deliver a better digital experience.  Today we proudly extend that mission by announcing that we are joining Heap, the leading digital insights platform that serves over 9000 customers worldwide. Together, Auryc and Heap will enable enterprises to deeply understand online user behaviors by capturing better insights faster, enabling teams to achieve improved engagement rates, drive more conversions, and deliver best-in-class digital experiences.


We are excited about the powerful and unique synergies our combined platforms will create. With this new solution, customers can automatically pinpoint critical points of friction in the digital journey,  then derive further validation and insight with Session Replay, Voice of Customer (VoC), and Heatmap.  No other solution in the market gives teams this complete power, and the combined solution is by far the most powerful digital insights platform in the world. 


We are thrilled to be joining Heap and would like to thank our customers and investors for their continued support.  The future of digital insights is brighter than ever before. We are confident that, with our teams working together, we can continue the mission of delivering a better digital experience for our customers, now with even greater impact.


If you have questions or would like to learn more about the Heap acquisition,  we encourage you to review the list of materials below.


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