5 Burning Questions Every Marketer Has To Deal With Session Replays

A growing business faces a wide range of challenges. From stalling growth cycles to poor cash flow management, some are harder to overcome than others — and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year. By the end of their fifth year, 50% go under; and by the tenth year, that number rises to 80%. Fortunately, most of these challenges are actually fixable. Typically, the first step most business owners take to save their dying company is to cut costs. The best thing to do is to jumpstart a business and give it new life. 

Well, guess what? You can stop wishing and start taking concrete steps towards that journey by complementing your quantitative metrics with actionable, qualitative data. With Session Replays, a tool to replay the visitor's journey on a website or within a mobile or web app you can get all of this and more.  Session replays give qualitative feedback on how your website performs by capturing what users do on your site. Equipped with a collection of session recordings, you will quickly recognize user problems and gain insights into building a better product. 

This blog looks at how you can easily spot issues on your website with session replays and use them to answer the five burning questions every marketer has. First, we will provide examples of the kind of data session replays can provide.


What Can You Spot With Session Replays?
  • Confusing web pages - By observing a user’s mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls, you can easily understand what is grabbing a visitor’s attention or if your web pages are confusing.
  • Ease of filling forms - By capturing changes made to any form, you can understand how easy or difficult it is for users to fill any form
  • Readability issues - If you see users resizing their screens in your session replays, you need to fix your UI to improve readability.
  • Broken site elements - You can spot broken aspects on your website by viewing where users refresh a page abruptly.

The above list isn’t exhaustive but shows just some of the ways you can leverage session replays to spot different kinds of issues with your website. In addition, the insights you can capture with session replays vary across other products. So let us now look at how session replays can answer those five questions every marketer has:


Question #1: How do I know what my customers want?

Your marketing job would be much easier if you only could know exactly what your customers want. However, the truth is your customers buy things based on emotions, and you need to understand those emotions and empathize to land a sale indeed. Session replays allow you to view items from a user perspective and, thus, connect with them at a deeper level. By getting a better idea of what your customers are looking for, developers, designers, and other stakeholders can come together to deliver a better experience. 


Question #2: What does a visitor do on my website?

Session replays become a rich source of all user activity — downloaded content, visited pages, clicked links, etc. Session replays track every action made by visitors to your website, starting from the moment they enter until they exit. Using this information, you can analyze user behavior and determine what’s working and what’s not.


Question #3: What are the major blockers to clicking ‘buy’? 

When users navigate your website, informational and technical barriers can sometimes stop them from clicking the buy button. For example, a technical wall might be a Javascript file that fails to execute due to syntactically invalid code. In addition, information barriers or unclear instructions confuse users and eventually lead them to leave the page. Session replays enable you to identify blockers such as rage clicks, site errors, cart abandonment, and more that might stop a user from becoming a customer.


Session List Phase 2 - Blog

Easily find out all issues that users are facing.


Question #4: How do I discover bugs and fix them faster?

Imagine a customer ready to check out from an e-commerce website with a cart full of items. But when they click the pay button, the website is unresponsive and freezes. This customer will quickly get disheartened and leave the website. Bugs and broken elements impact revenue and frustrate customers. Session replays provide the necessary insights to identify bugs and fix them quickly. Support professionals benefit from session replays by getting context into user problems to assist them effectively.


Question #5: How do I optimize conversions?

Across industries, it’s a common occurrence to see prospects lose interest in your website and eventually leave. So, how can you ensure that your prospects stay and ultimately become customers? Session recordings give you valuable insights by showing you exactly what leads them to drop off. Using these insights, you can fix problems such as broken UI elements, correct confusing pages, and take other corrective actions to increase retention and optimize conversions.


Capturing user sessions with Auryc

Are you ready to answer these five burning questions to grow your business rapidly?  Session replay is the right tool to capture user actions to get those answers effectively. Auryc is a customer experience intelligence platform that optimizes every customer experience across web and mobile to drive more revenue. Auryc’s session replays capture 100% of engagement events and content for customers and visitors - a high fidelity record of users’ digital journeys, including clicks, views, swipes, user input, system performance data plus CES, CSAT surveys, and feedback. 


Auryc’s session replays give you context into user behavior to empathize with their problems and solve them faster. Capture mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, mobile taps, page refreshes, and other essential user interactions with session replays to get better insights and create a memorable customer experience.


auryc-customer-experience-intelligence-platform-session-replay-data capture-analytics

Capture detailed user sessions with Auryc


Auryc is changing the way companies build better experiences for their customer. Whether you’re an analyst or a product marketer, you can make use of Auryc’s features to create memorable customer experiences. And that too, with no coding knowledge because Auryc is a no-code analytics platform! You can leverage the powerful suite of tools that Auryc provides by booking a demo today.

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